The fastest and easiest way for monitoring your SaaS product.

Startups and small technology businesses need to move fast resulting in monitoring being an often after-thought. Motina makes it easy for you to monitor and receive email, SMS and call alerts - in just minutes.

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Easy and Flexible Metric Monitoring

Create a Monitor for each metric you want to keep an eye on. We will poll that endpoint on a continuous basis and check the response against the thresholds that you choose.

Motina makes it easy to monitor anything, such as the backlog of workers, jammed processes and number of failures.

How quickly would you know about an internal process being jammed?

Customisable Thresholds

Choose the thresholds that you deem Degraded or Unhealthly from a range of different assertions.

As soon as we detect the value falls within these thresholds your Dashboard will highlight the issue and you will be alerted by Email.

Top Benefits

Quick Creation
We’ve focused on making it easy to monitor a metric as fast as possible. All you have to do is create a monitor, add your data input, alarms and you're done.
Monitor Anything
Motina will poll an endpoint at a specified interval, checking the response against a value that you specify. Motina allows you to pick values from the response, whether that be Status, Header, Body or JSON content.
Email & SMS Notifications
Get alerted by email everytime an Alarm is triggered. Connect a Twilio account and get notified by SMS too!
Multiple Alarms
You can monitor your data endpoints for multiple values - you can choose whether it should be treat as degraded or unhealthy.
Shareable Board
Generate a Public Link to share your monitoring board with others or even host it on a TV screen.
Invite Team
Make it easy for the rest of your team to monitor by inviting them. Flexible Roles allow you to limit permissions.