Like many startups, we're growing quickly with an ever increasing customer base relying on us. However, our monitoring coverage was poor. The reason was simple: it was time consuming.

We are focused on creating the best product that we can. Downtime doesn't happen that often... we can come back to that later, right? Obviously, that never happens and one day (usually a weekend) everything is on fire. Our customers are telling us our own product is having problems. The support team is overwhemled. The marketing team are panicking. The CEO is starting to wonder why they ever started a tech company.

There had to be an easier way. That's why we created Motina. Tailored for growing startups with an expanding customer base and sensitive budgets.

We believe that by making monitoring easier, more metrics will be monitored. You can create a new monitor in just a few clicks. It has the flexiblity to monitor any metric with ease. Yep, downtime is inevitable, but now we catch it in minutes. The results are happier customers, colleagues and software teams.